Vocations office

Mission Statement

1. The Mission of the Office of Vocations: Priesthood and Religious Life is to serve the people of the Local Church (Eparchy) in the area of vocation awareness. This responsibility belongs to all the members of the eparchy. It is the aim of the office to empower these individuals to foster and nourish priestly and religious vocations for themselves and for other persons. The mission calls to give encouragement to individual men and women who manifest particular interest in priesthood and religious life. We strive to assist them in their discernment process through personal contact and written communication. We are commissioned by and responsible to the Bishop of the Stamford Eparchy.


2. Pastoral Guide of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States of America

VII. Vocations

Art. 347. Every priest shall encourage and promote vocations to the clerical and religious life.


3. For the full list activities & materials please visit St. Basil Seminary web-site at www.stbasilseminary.com


4. Contact information

Vocations Director

Eparchy of Stamford

161 Glenbrook Road

Stamford, Connecticut 06902

e-mail: vocstamford@aim.com



UGCC-PPF-Ukraine_202009.pdf Directives_20for_20the_20Preparation_20of_20Candidates_20to_20the_20Priesthood_20in_20UGCC-English_2.pdf Evangelization_20and_20Missionary_20Formation_20Program.pdf ProgramforPriestlyFormation-U_S_A_.pdf Directives_for_Vocational_Awareness_2012_20_28English_29_20online.pdf Directives_for_Vocational_Awareness__2012_20_28Ukrainian_29_20online.pdf Vatican-Pastoral_20Guide_20for_20Fostering_20Vocation_20to_20Priestly_20Ministry.pdf



Evangelization and Missionary Formation


Directives for Vocational Awareness in UGCC

Напрямні Плекання Духовних Покликань в УГКЦ

Pastoral Guidelines for Fostering Vocations to Priestly Ministry