Development office

Mission Statement

The Development Office promotes the mission of the Church in the Eparchy of Stamford by developing and understanding stewardship as a practical acknowledgement that everything we have is a gift from God. It is a Christian’s response that molds how we live our lives in the use of our time, talent and treasure. The mission of the Development office is to develop and implement strategies for the Eparchy of Stamford, namely to engage and activate all the faithful of the Eparchy in ongoing eparchial activities. The purpose of the Development Office is to build the Body of Christ through support for the eparchial activities and its ministries. The Development Office is commissioned by and responsible to the Bishop of the Stamford Eparchy.



To implement annual plans and strategies for eparchial activities by running eparchial and St. Basil’s fundraising appeals:

1) Bishop’s Dormition Annual Appeal (August 15);

2) St. Basil Annual Christmas Appeal (November 30);

3) St. Basil Lenten Appeal (St. Basil permanent donors);

4) Eparchial Easter Fundraising Appeal;

- To assist the Eparchy in developing and growing faithful donor base, managing donor campaigns, cultivating gifts for the ministries and pastoral activities in the Eparchy ;

- To write grants for the Stamford Eparchy and St. Basil Seminary activities.


Contact Information:

Nataliya Pistun

Development Office

Stamford Eparchy

161 Glenbrook Road

Stamford, Connecticut 06902

Tel: 203 324 4578