The USCCB has once again contracted with the Gavin Group to conduct on site audits of every Diocese and Eparchy during the year 2007. The Eparchy of Stamford will have its audit conducted during the period of October 22 – October 26, 2007.


The last audit of the Eparchy of Stamford was a self audit conducted from July 8th to August 5, 2005. Therefore, the new audit will cover the period from August 6, 2005 through June 30, 2007, a time span of 22 months. In the previous three audits, the Eparchy was found to be in full compliance with all the provisions of the USCCB Charter.


All clergy, employees, teachers, staff, and volunteers are now required to have an extensive background check if they work with minors under the age of eighteen. In addition, a safe environment training program must be provided to all employees, parents, and children from elementary grades through high school.


We stand ready to extend pastoral assistance to any who may have been victims of abuse that have not come forward. If you or anyone you know has experienced abuse, now or in the past, please contact us so that we can facilitate the healing process.


The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford is committed to protecting children and young people. If you are aware of abuse or have been abused by anyone working for the Stamford Eparchy, please contact the Office of the Chancellor or Victim Assistance Coordinator at (203) 324-7698.